Atteli Maintenance

Maintenance, implementation, upgrade, migrations and audit services for server, network and application infrastructure

Does your business have procedures for handling failure of a critical IT infrastructure component, such as a server, an application, a router etc?

How fast can you resume operations after such failure?

Do you have a functional and efficient backup creation and restoration system, which is regularly tested? And is your infrastructure monitored? If yes, then how?

quote We are not saying that IT infrastructure can give your business an advantage.

quote We are not going to say that a more modern infrastructure will increase your revenues.

quote We only ask a simple question: “how much will you lose when your servers are down for two hours”?

We will provide you peace of mind!

We offer IT infrastructure management services for your business, providing support for networks, operating systems and applications.

A well-maintained IT infrastructure (including computers and printers, the management of which we leave to our less-experienced colleagues) does not need 24/7 oversight of a dedicated administrator, but any changes in its operation do require involvement of experienced and competent personnel.

If these changes are made by less experienced employees, they may disrupt the operation of the entire infrastructure, causing outages or preventing access to critical services, such as e-mail, Web front-ends, Internet access, or even sales, accounting and other systems.

Management and maintenance services

We take great care in maintaining appropriated change management procedures, developing comprehensive documentation concerning any performed works through ticketing or change management systems, to which the Customer has constant and unfettered access. We do not hide between the mystique of our craft, giving our customers full transparency and unprecedented knowledge on the operation of their production environments.

We can also take over infrastructure management tasks inherited from “difficult administrators”, who were found uncooperative during their employment.

Infrastructure audits

Our audit services produce a comprehensive set of documentation, which includes a schedule (diagram) of all infrastructure elements, description of their use, and any recommendations for optimization.

We are also able to perform root cause analysis, i.e. basing on the symptoms provided by the Client, we search for bottlenecks and infrastructure problems, ultimately offering a solution that solves the cause, not the symptom.

Modifications and implementations

We can be contracted for one-off projects, which is ideal for Clients who wish to make changes in their existing infrastructure (including virtualization or migration of existing physical systems to the cloud, or implementation of a new infrastructure).

We support the following infrastructure components

  • Servers
  • Networks (routers, switches, firewalls,, IPS/IDS, VPN);
  • Hypervisors (virtualization solutions, such as VMware, XEN, KVM);
  • Cloud systems (Oktawave, Amazon, Digitalocean and others);
  • Operating systems (Windows Server, GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, HPUX);
  • Backup systems (both free and commercial);
  • SAN/NAS Solutions (arrays, Fc switches, file servers);
  • Monitoring systems (applications/servers/networks).

This list is not exhaustive, but provides an outline of our competencies.

12 years of experience

constituting a million stories of small problems that often hold up large companies.

Our team has over 12 years of experience, gathered in dozens of companies of varying sizes and needs, including startups, SMBs, corporations — such as banks, insurance companies — and large public sector entities and academic supercomputing centers.

We perfectly understand the needs of our customers, their business and their strategies. We aim to secure your strategic goal; new hardware or solutions that would make our work easier are not a priority. With our clients, we talk business, not IT. We will explain key IT concepts and present our recommendation in clear and concise language.

Write to us or call us, before it’s too late!

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